Growing Your Brand Name Assets

Growing Your Brand Name Assets…

Okay. If you believe brand management is just for BIG business (like Target, Mc Donald’s or Ford.), raise your hand Wow! That’s a lot of hands! Well, guess what? You’re all incorrect.

Brand name issues are necessary to ALL companies for the basic factor that people purchase from other individuals. People have personalities. Branding develops and interacts a business’s character (often described as company image.).

Think about YOUR business. What personality or image do you want to provide to consumers and potential customers? What is your story or company’s history? Does your product or service have a special or memorable beginning? Does your company’s current logo design and literature design reflect the image you wish to present? Is your company’s personality presented regularly in all types of interaction? Are you overwhelmed now? Let me streamline.

There are 4 key steps in brand management:

1) Positioning – identify your company’s special benefits and image.

2) Planning – establish a road map for your brand name identity programs.

3) Protection – safeguard the stability of your brand.

4) Promotion – develop awareness of and preference for your brand name.

Brand management is an ongoing procedure, not a destination. Problem: the work is never ever done. Great news: if you do the positioning and preparing up promotion, defense and front programs flow naturally.

Brand name issues are crucial to ALL companies for the basic reason that individuals buy from other individuals. Branding establishes and communicates a business’s character (sometimes referred to as company image.).

Keeping in mind these four key actions in brand name management: Your Brand management is a continuous process, not a one time event and done destination.