How to Get Business Credit for Your EIN that’s Not Linked to Your SSN … and Easily Get Loans and Credit Lines …

How to Get Business Credit for Your EIN that’s Not Linked to Your SSN … and Easily Get Loans and Credit Lines …

How to Get $250,000 in Business Credit for Your EIN that’s Not Linked to Your SSN … and Easily Get Business Loans and Credit Lines.

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During this exclusive, training we also demonstrate and show you how to build credit that’s linked to your EIN and not your SSN, that requires no consumer credit check or personal guarantee … and how to get business loans and credit lines even if you have personal credit issues, don’t have collateral or verifiable cash flow.

This will work for well-established businesses but will also get results for you even if are just starting your business.

During this exclusive event, we’ll reveal …

  • How to get business credit with no consumer credit check, no inquiries on your consumer credit reports, and no reporting of business accounts on your personal credit reports
  • How to get corporate credit cards with limits of $20,000 – $75,000 within months by following a proven, step by step process
  • The secret credibility requirements that all lenders and credit issuers have that you must meet to get approved … (and how not knowing these has probably already gotten you denied) … and specifically how to meet their requirements to easily get loans and high limit credit cards
  • How to immediately get vendor credit to buy things you need for your business now … and how to find exclusive vendors who report your new credit to the commercial reporting agencies establishing your initial business credit profiles and scores
  • How to get credit for your business with Home Depot and Lowes, Office Depot and Staples, Apple and Dell, Best Buy, Amazon and Walmart, Costco and Sam’s Club, Chevron and Sunoco, and most other retailers with no personal guarantee or consumer credit check
  • How to access fleet credit for fuel, auto repairs, and maintenance of your primary vehicle or a fleet of vehicles … and get auto vehicle financing in your business name only, and not linked to your personal SSN
  • How to get Visa, MasterCard, and American Express CASH credit cardsthat are linked to your EIN only … with no consumer credit check
  • How you use business credit to fund your business … so you don’t need to use your personal credit or funds, or borrow from friends or family to get the money you need
  • How to get business credit even when you can’t get a loan … and even if you don’t have cash flow or collateral
  • A look at actual business credit approvals similar to what YOU can get approved for following the steps in this live training … see real approvals for $8,000, $10,000, $15,000, even multiple $50,000 approvals
  • 3 BIG mistakes that get business owners denied for credit and loans when they apply … and the immediate changes you should make to avoid these pitfalls and get approved
  • 16 ways to easily get business loans and credit lines that your bank will NOT tell you about … and how to access them at the best rates and terms and all in one place so you never need to look for capital again
  • The absolute easiest and fastest ways for you to get credit and financing to grow your business … even when you don’t think you’ll qualify
  • And much, much more…

Does that sound too good to be true?

I don’t blame you for thinking that or being skeptical. But, we’ve worked long and hard to develop this knowledge, and these tools and procedures, and on how to get them to you, READY TO USE, in a reasonable period of time – with just one webinar.

In fact, we’ve spent millions of dollars researching, documenting and testing all of these secrets, and we are so sure you’ll love it that we guarantee that your time will be well spent.

During this training you’ll get every detail you need to build your business credit and get loans and credit lines for your business.

Whether you are just getting started in business, have no collateral, lack cash flow, or you’re a well-established business and looking for the most money and credit at the best terms … this special one of a kind training is for you!

WARNING! This training is unlike anything you’ve probably seen before. Limited spots are available, and we often are overbooked. So …

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  1. The business can use its credit to qualify for revolving store credit cards like Staples, Lowes, Sam’s Club, Costco, BP, Walmart, even MasterCard, Visa, and AMEX. The business can also qualify for credit lines and loans.

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